In today’s US construction news, read about how, according to the AGC, overall construction spending increased year over year in all categories, even though it decreased from January to February to an annual rate of around $2.1 trillion. Meanwhile, last week, a construction worker in Georgia fell 20 feet down a ditch, yet his life was saved. On the other hand, for the summer, one southbound lanes on I-475 will remain available, but starting on April 15, all northbound lanes will close, resulting in an additional few minutes of travel time. Lastly, between 28th Street and Burton Street, all northbound lanes are closed. Before being diverted off the highway at 28th Street SW, traffic is merging starting at 44th Street. At Burton, they are instructed to turn into Clyde Park Avenue SW before turning back onto US-131.

US Construction Expenditure Declined in February

Original Source: US construction spending slips in February

US construction spending fell 0.3% in February, although the drop is likely transitory.

The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) analyzed the latest official numbers.

According to the AGC, construction spending fell to roughly $2.1 trillion from January to February, but all categories rose year-over-year.

Nearly all non-residential projects decreased monthly, but February’s severe rain and snow in the west may have caused that.

“Every spending segment increased from a year earlier, suggesting the current downturns may reflect short-term challenges such as severe weather, not fading demand,” said AGC chief economist Ken Simonson.

Construction spending in February was $2.1 trillion seasonally adjusted annually, not adjusted for inflation. That’s 0.3% below the revised January rate but 10.7% above February 2023.

Private non-residential building spending fell 0.9% in February but grew 12.6% from 2023. Manufacturing construction down 0.6% month-over-month but rose 31.8% year. Over 12 months, commercial construction rose 0.9% but fell 1.7% in February. Power, oil, and gas investment down 0.5% month-over-month but grew 6.9% year-over-year.

Public construction spending fell 1.2% month-over-month but rose 16.8% year-over-year. Highway and street construction, the largest public sector, dipped 1.6% in February but rose 18.5% from 2023. Public education spending fell 1.8% in January but rose 15.4% annually.

Private residential building spending rose 0.7% monthly and 6.3% annually. After January, single-family building rose 1.4% for the tenth time. February multifamily project spending fell 0.2% but was 6.1% higher than a year earlier.

The AGC welcomed the year-over-year construction growth but stressed that many enterprises still struggle to find personnel.

To attract more construction workers, it advised federal, state, and municipal policymakers to increase funding for construction education and training.

AGC CEO Jeffrey D. Shoaf said, “It is in the public interest to ensure there are enough people to keep pace with growing investments in infrastructure, manufacturing and clean energy.

“Investing in new construction education and training programs and creating a legal immigration process for skilled construction workers will help complete key projects and give many workers another path to middle class prosperity.”

A Construction Worker Who Fell 20 Feet Into a Ditch was Saved

Original Source: Construction worker rescued after falling 20 feet into trench: ‘True team effort’

The life of a Georgia construction worker who fell 20 feet into a ditch was rescued last week.

Paulding Country Fire & Rescue said a cave-in forced the laborer to fall into the ditch early Friday afternoon. Photos from the site show the man buried to his chest.

“Just before noon today, Paulding County 911 received reports of a construction worker burried [sic] in a collapse,” the department told Facebook. 

“Crews from Paulding and Cobb County Fire & Emergency Services worked together for over 3 hours to safely rescue the man, who was burried [sic] up to his neck in a 20 foot deep trench.”

Officials informed FOX 5 Atlanta that unstable dirt made rescue difficult. Emergency crews scrambled to save the man without provoking another fall.

The victim was conscious and alert during rescue. Leaving the trench around 3 p.m., he was transported to a hospital “in guarded condition.”

“This was another true team effort that saved a man’s life,” the department said.

Construction of the US-10 and I-475 is Scheduled to Start in April

Original Source: I-475, US-10 construction projects set to begin in April

Spring, orange cones, and Michigan construction season are here.

“A lot of this has to do with aging infrastructure,” said Michigan Department of Transportation Associate Regional Engineer for Development Annette Shelton. An endeavor to maintain roads and bridges. While improving our circumstances, we may also improve the operations and safety of these highways and bridges.”

Flint is starting the first phase of a renovation project on Southbound I-475. That involves staging and preparation for the April 15 major project.

One lane will remain open on southbound I-475 for the summer, but northbound lanes will close on April 15, adding minutes to your commute.

“That’ll be a complete reconstruct on 475 from the Flint River up to Carpenter Road,” he said. “We’ll also be replacing a couple of bridges on 475 and then doing some work on some of the bridges over 475.”

The project runs through November 15. If you must go that route, take I-69 West to I-75 North.

The Mackinaw Road overpass in Bay County will be completely rebuilt. US-10 will be reduced to one lane in each directions as part of a renovation started last year.

“Along with that we will also be building roundabouts at the ramps, so Mackinaw road will be completely closed down for that work and there will be a detour,” he said.

Like I-475, the Mackinaw Road renovation begins on April 15 and runs through November.

The Lafayette Bridge in Bay City will begin construction this summer. MDOT is accepting proposals for the project. They want to start early June. 

US-131 Travels Will be Impacted by Construction for Weeks

Original Source: Construction will affect US-131 drives for weeks

This week, a new detour on US-131 north of Grand Rapids will delay your trip.

28th Street to Burton Street are completely closed to northbound traffic. Traffic merges about 44th Street before exiting the interstate at 28th Street SW. They return to US-131 at Burton via Clyde Park Avenue SW.

One northbound lane between Burton and Pearl Street NW is open for downtown traffic.

Dana Battle said northbound work is complicating his journey home and southbound restrictions will make his commute to work longer.

Battle: “Working inside Rogers Plaza, 28th Street is going to be hard to get to.

Crews will work fast, according to Michigan Department of Transportation spokeswoman John Richard. Construction will switch to southbound lanes following four weeks of northbound work.

“We’re fixing the bridges over Plaster Creek, northbound and southbound 131,” Richard remarked.

Joints that allow the roadway to fluctuate with temperature are being repaired.

“Where those two slabs meet, sometimes those joints get kind of bumpy, so this will smooth the ride and extend the life of the whole stretch of 131,” Richard added.

MDOT advises drivers to take additional time and be extra careful in construction zones.

You must slow down when those cones are out. Protect those workers to keep everyone safe, Richard added.

While the repair will improve the ride, the department believes additional financing is needed to maintain the highway.

“A temporary fix. It’s not a permanent solution, but it will extend bridge life by 15, 20, 25 years. “We must remove that entire section from 28th Street to Pearl,” Richard stated.

Rebuilding I-196 Business Loop from Holland to Zeeland will begin on April 13, according to MDOT. Check MDOT’s Mi Drive Map for work updates.

Summary of today’s construction news

In summary, private residential construction spending increased by 6.3% annually and by 0.7% for the month. Construction of single-family homes increased 1.4% from January—the twelfth consecutive month of growth. Although spending on multifamily projects decreased by 0.2% in February, it was still 6.1% more than it was a year ago.

Meanwhile, while the first responders attempted to save the sufferer, he remained conscious and attentive. He was pulled out of the trench around 3 p.m. and transported by air to a hospital, where he was admitted “in guarded condition.”

On the other hand, the Mackinaw Road project is scheduled to start on April 15 and last through November, much like the I-475 project. Additionally, work on the Lafayette Bridge in Bay City is scheduled to begin this summer. MDOT is still accepting bids for the project as of right now. Early June is when they want to start.

Lastly, the Michigan Department of Transportation’s John Richard stated that teams will be working as soon as feasible. After roughly four weeks, work on the northbound lanes should be finished, followed by work on the southbound lanes.