Backyard sheds are practical storage for tools, gardening equipment and garage overflow. However, they should be somewhat appealing to look at as a standing structure in a yard — and what if the client doesn’t necessarily need extra storage? Nowadays, homeowners are getting creative, following the latest backyard shed trends to fulfill unique purposes.

Contractors may be interested in creating a stimulating environment for their clients’ interests and hobbies or want to add exercise equipment to improve their health. Fortunately, you can draw inspiration from several shed upgrades regardless of their intended use.

8 Backyard Shed Trends to Consider

Creative backyard shed designs are popping up everywhere as more people have become enthusiastic about owning one. The global outdoor shed market is expected to grow by 5.5% by 2028 — reaching $9,615.28 billion.

For one thing, sheds may be small but are incredibly versatile. They also take up little space in the yard and are relatively affordable. Although homeowners traditionally utilize sheds for storage, you can expand beyond that possibility. Here are eight of the most popular backyard shed trends to consider.

1. Enhance Visual Appeal

Even if a shed is for storage, it shouldn’t be an eyesore in the backyard. A coat of paint, new siding, flower boxes and architectural interest can improve an unsightly appearance and make your shed stand out in a good way.

Some homeowners like to add shutters or match the structure to their homes. Others may want to transform their shed to resemble a quaint cottage. Meanwhile, adding windows or bright colors can make the shed a work of art and make the yard look tidier.

2. Optimize Storage

Optimizing storage inside is equally crucial to enhancing an outdoor shed’s visual appeal. Some unique storage ideas could include:

  • Adjustable shelving
  • Pegboard for hanging tools
  • Tool hanger
  • Free-standing shelves — with wheels for easy organization
  • Stackable crates and plastic containers
  • Mason jars for nails, screws and paintbrushes
  • Repurposed cabinets and drawers
  • Drawer organizers
  • Storage rack for power tools
  • Hanging organizers on the back of the shed doors
  • Vertical storage to free up space on the floor

According to a 2022 StorageCafe survey, 38% of Americans rented or planned to rent a storage space in 2022. Saving money by creating a space to remove that additional cost makes this upgrade one of today’s top backyard shed trends.

3. Create a Multipurpose Space

Many sheds have a minimalist design with few windows, if any. However, creating a multipurpose space is one option you should consider. Reserve part of the shed for storage, while another area can serve as a workshop. You could also create separate entrances in the front and back.

Another option is to turn the front half of the shed into a minibar or outdoor kitchen area that opens up to a small patio for quality time with friends and family. This will save time from returning to the house to refill drinks and snacks.

4. Build a Personal Escape

Due to its size, a shed may not be roomy enough for a full mother-in-law suite. However, many homeowners love having a space they can call their own, which is why turning the shed into a personal escape is one of the most appealing backyard shed trends. Also referred to as a “Man Cave” or “She Shed,” you can convert the structure into a comfy living room for leisure time.

Of course, this will mean you need to run electric cables for the television, game system or other electronics. Because the shed is smaller than your average indoor room, it’s essential to use the correct cable size to prevent an electrical fire and ensure a constant current.

5. Turn it Into an Office

Nearly 27.6 million people worked from home in 2021 — tripling from 9 million in 2019. Although many companies have begun calling employees back to the office, hybrid setups and fully remote work is the new norm.

Turning a client’s backyard shed into a home office can reduce household distractions and boost productivity. One doesn’t need much for an office space — a desk, comfortable chair, cabinetry and drawers, lighting and electrical outlets for charging devices. More importantly, office sheds help create greater separation between work and home life — crucial for better work-life balance.

6. Craft an Artist Studio

Creative people — writers, painters, sculptors and other artists — may want to make a studio out of their backyard shed. Like other varied purposes, studio sheds need little to function properly — natural light, a sink, a work table and storage are ideal.

Of course, if you plan to create a music studio, you’ll have to make more effort in soundproofing and optimizing the acoustics. Foam concrete insulation is known for its thermal and acoustic properties — a cost-effective insulation material to fill the roof, floors and walls.

7. Convert to a Greenhouse

Several studies have highlighted the cognitive benefits of plants — just looking at nature reduces stress and improves one’s overall health and well-being. Fortunately, there are ways to convert a backyard shed into a greenhouse easily.

Plants need sunlight, so installing a few skylights and side windows is a good idea. Implementing ventilation will also prevent your plants from developing mold and mildew.

Raised beds, tiered corner shelving for pots and potting benches will complete the greenhouse. Of course, hooks and cubbies for gardening tools and equipment will keep avid indoor plant lovers organized.

8. Customized a Wellness Retreat

If this year is the year someone has committed to getting in shape, turning the shed into an at-home gym will help them achieve their fitness goals. There may be little space, but you can still add a treadmill, spinning bike or weightlifting set.

Of course, a meditation and yoga room is another possibility. Paint the shed’s interior in a soothing color, add wood flooring and include a few windows for natural light. A speaker system is also ideal for aerobics exercise or playing soothing ocean sounds.

Transform Your Yard With the Most Popular Backyard Shed Trends

Today’s backyard shed trends are anything but ordinary but can serve a much greater purpose in your client’s life. When planning on enhancing their backyard structure, consider one of these excellent options to make the most out of the small space.