In today’s news, a resolution urging the Washington State Department of Transportation to press through with the construction of four roundabouts along US 97 and State Route 22 from Lateral A to State Route 223 that was ratified by the Yakama Nation Tribal Council. In conjunction with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), Governor Gretchen Whitmer made the announcement that LP Building Solutions, a global manufacturer of building goods, will be expanding its facilities in Sagola Township with the assistance of the Michigan Strategic Fund (MSF). One of the most financially significant initiatives that received funding from the MSF in the Upper Peninsula is the investment of 194 million dollars by the firm. Meanwhile, a new Lowe’s Home Improvement store is going up in the Leland Town Center, which is a multi-phase development off of U.S. 17. Construction on the store has begun. Moreover, according to an announcement made by the company, Volumetric Building Companies, which is based in Philadelphia and specializes in modular building, has just bought a manufacturing plant in Berwick, Pennsylvania, to assist in expanding operations in the northeastern United States.

Yakama Tribal Council backs four roundabouts on US 97, SR 22 and SR 223

Original Source: Yakama Nation Tribal Council signs resolution to support four roundabouts on US 97, SR 22 and SR 223

Three approved roundabouts in:

US 97 and Lateral A.

US 97 and SR 22.

SR 22 at SR 223.

WSDOT will seek funds for a fourth intersection at US 97 and Larue Road with Tribal Council support. If successful, WSDOT engineers might start in the next few months. Uncertain construction timeline.

US 97 has the highest car and pedestrian collision rates in the state, hurting American Indians and Alaska Natives disproportionately.

The move from four-way stop lights to roundabouts at US 97 and Lateral A and US 97 and SR 22 is a safety step, said WSDOT’s Brian White. Roundabouts reduce head-on and T-bone accidents. Since roundabouts reduce traffic, crashes are less severe, minimizing fatalities.

Roundabouts promote pedestrian safety by permitting one-lane crossings. Low speeds reduce injuries.

WSDOT built the US 97 McDonald/Becker roundabout in 2021. 3.8 million drivers have used the new roundabout with just two crashes. Each was caused by a drunk or unlicensed motorist. The US 97 and Jones Road roundabouts will be built in 2023.

WSDOT has partnered with the Yakama Nation Department of Natural Resources Engineering and Tribal Traffic Safety Committee since 2018. Together, they’ve conducted community outreach, driving safety initiatives, and roundabout education, with more planned.

LP Building Solutions expands in Dickinson County, creating 50 new jobs

Original Source: Whitmer Announces 50 New Jobs as Global Building Products Manufacturer LP Building Solutions Expanding in Dickinson County

The $325,000 Michigan Business Development Program performance-based grant will help generate at least 50 jobs and retain 151 others. Michigan was chosen over U.S. and Canadian sites.

“This transformational investment by LP Building Solutions—one of the largest ever sponsored by Michigan’s economic development fund in the U.P.—will create at least 50 good-paying manufacturing jobs in Sagola Township,” said Governor Whitmer. We’ll grow Michigan’s economy by empowering hardworking individuals and innovative businesses. LP Building Solutions’ funding will help us continue moving our state ahead.

LP Building Solutions is a global pioneer in high-performance engineered wood building products for new construction, repair and remodeling, and outdoor construction. Since 1988, the company has employed 151 people in Sagola Township, Dickinson County.

To meet growing customer demand for LP’s engineered wood home siding products, LP plans to convert its Sagola Township operations from oriented strand board to LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding. This large-scale conversion project will create at least 50 new jobs and has the potential for future expansion of a second processing line, which would create additional investment and employment opportunities in the region. The extension will add 134,000 square feet and additional machinery and equipment.

LP SmartSide Trim & Siding combines the beauty of conventional wood with the durability of engineered wood. SmartSide is one of the fastest-growing siding brands in the U.S.

This project is a triumph for the Upper Peninsula and shows Team Michigan’s commitment to promoting economic opportunities statewide. We appreciate LP Building Solutions’ faith in Michigan and its strong workforce, said MEDC CEO Quentin Messer, Jr. “We thank the governor and lawmakers for supporting the Michigan Business Development Program.” We’re delighted to celebrate LP Building Solutions’ growth with Invest UP, Sagola Township, and the Dickinson Area Economic Development Alliance. We look forward to working together to grow, add employment, and increase opportunities in the Upper Peninsula.

This project will alter the Upper Peninsula and positively influence Sagola Township and the surrounding area. The company will hire local suppliers and contractors, producing more investment and jobs. LP offers competitive compensation and benefits and is a community contributor.

Jason Ringblom, EVP and GM of Siding, said demand for LP SmartSide Trim and Siding is high. “Capacity expansion projects like the conversion of LP Sagola to LP SmartSide are vital to LP to guarantee our clients have the product they need to build beautiful, durable homes and structures. Converting LP Sagola to a siding plant sets the mill for years of growth and greater stability, which will benefit local employees, their families, and the community. LP Sagola joins LP’s SmartSide mill family.

Sagola Township expects a property tax abatement to assist the project, and MEDC allowed a state education tax abatement to be combined with the local abatement. LP job seekers can click here.

Lois Ellis, executive director of the Dickinson Area Economic Development Alliance, welcomed the investment. The initiative will help the factory manufacture a high-value product and create 50 family-sustaining jobs with good wages and benefits.

Leland Town Center has a new tenant; Lowe’s breaks ground

Original Source: Leland Town Center Lands New Tenant; Lowe’s Begins Construction

Palmer Williams, vice president of Fayetteville-based C&S Commercial Properties, said Lowe’s and C&S finalized a contract in June.

Last year, Lowe’s Home Centers LLC proposed a 113,860-square-foot structure with a 27,720-square-foot garden center. A town official said the project received preliminary zoning approval in 2021.

Lowe’s representative Larry Costello said construction began last week. “It’s a Lowe’s with tool rental,” he remarked. According to Costello, the store will be the fourth in the Wilmington region.

Leland Town Center also contains the town’s first Chick-fil-A and Starbucks. Tenants include Dental Care, Firehouse Subs, and AT&T. Carolina Shores Car Wash bought an original development parcel, says Williams.

Two new strip buildings behind Starbucks will be built soon. The 10,000- and 4,500-square-foot buildings are scheduled for completion in summer 2023.

HOTWORX is a 24-hour infrared exercise center with three locations in Wilmington. After completion, HOTWORX will relocate into the strip building. “We’re getting strong interest from restaurants, merchants, and services using these buildings,” Williams added.

Leland Town Center manager Rick Williams said his staff is working hard to start the next phase of development at Leland Town Center despite off-site road repair challenges caused by the town’s financial relationship with another developer. A Leland representative claimed the town wasn’t aware of any road improvements hindering C&S Commercial.

In March, the town reached an arrangement with Leland Corners’ developers. To increase traffic safety, town officials requested a single-lane teardrop roundabout at Ocean Gate Plaza and New Pointe Boulevard.

In February, the town council agreed to pay for developer-requested renovations. The developer, a subsidiary of Twin Rivers Capital, will pay $94,554 for road improvements. As the project is in the planning phase, the final cost to the town is uncertain.

Williams said C&S Commercial was entrusted with improving Highway 17, erecting a double-lane roundabout on Gateway Boulevard, and widening Ploof Road. Soon, the crew will build another roundabout and median on Ocean Gate Boulevard, he said.

Williams: “We intend to minimize construction disruptions and ease long-term traffic concerns.” We’re delighted to provide Leland Town Center residents with long-desired new businesses.

Katerra manufacturing buyer buys a Pennsylvania modular facility for multifamily

Original Source: Katerra factory buyer acquires Pennsylvania modular facility, targets multifamily construction

VBC joined with Poland’s Polcom in 2022 and bought Tracy, California’s Katerra assets for $21.25 million last year.

Multifamily markets are the largest and fastest expanding part of the modular industry, growing from 7% output in 2019 to nearly 21% in 2020. 

Mainly due to high rents and a shortage of affordable multifamily housing.

“There is a significant need to increase housing availability in high-density metropolitan areas,” said Buckley in a release. “Rising rental prices and complaints of poor quality are related to stop-and-go building and supply chain challenges during the pandemic.”

Buckley chose Berwick, Pennsylvania to serve dense urban markets in the northeast, such as Philadelphia, New York, and D.C. Berwick puts VBC within a half-drive of these cities. Buckley didn’t disclose the acquisition cost.

“We chose Berwick because it offers strategic, logistical, and environmental benefits,” said Buckley. We liked that the facility already had infrastructure from a previous modular company. In 60 days, we can start production. “

Buckley said the facility will minimize vehicle emissions. Modular construction uses less machinery, and the new factory’s closeness to metropolitan areas reduces delivery emissions.

“We know future emissions regulations are likely, but we don’t want to wait and would rather be innovative,” said Buckley. Our selections prioritize sustainability and speed.

VBC specializes in modular multifamily construction and has completed over two dozen projects in the U.S. and U.K., including a 237-unit apartment building in Philadelphia and Chalet-style townhomes and apartments in Colorado.

Summary of today’s construction news

Most likely, you have read the above news and managed to gather information. Since 2018, the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) has collaborated with the Yakama Nation Department of Natural Resources Engineering and the Tribal Traffic Safety Committee. They have worked together to educate drivers and the public about roundabouts, as well as reach out to the community, and more of these activities are planned.

In addition to this, Lois Ellis, who serves as the executive director of the Dickinson Area Economic Development Alliance, expressed her satisfaction with the investment. The program will assist the factory in the production of a product with a high value and will result in the creation of fifty jobs that are family-supporting and pay well.

On the other hand, Palmer Williams, who serves as the vice president of C&S Commercial Properties in Fayetteville, stated that a contract between Lowe’s and C&S was finalized in June. Williams also said, “We hope to minimize construction disruptions and ease long-term traffic concerns.” We are overjoyed to be able to give the people who live in Leland Town Center access to long-awaited new companies.

Also, the property, which had previously been used by another modular builder but has been closed since 2017, has more than 356,000 square feet of space and is expected to generate more than 200 new employment possibilities, according to the statement. VBC Chief Executive Officer Vaughan Buckley has claimed that the facility’s output will center on the development of steel and wood multifamily housing units for use in structures of three to twenty floors in height.