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KYTC District Three urging drivers to be cautious on I-65 throughout development


BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) – KYTC District 3 has started a surface renewal project along a stretch of the I-65. This project will result in road closures overnight. Drivers need to be careful when planning to travel and should be willing to slow down.

On Monday evening, the southbound lane on I-65 was closed at mile marker 25. On Tuesday at 6 p.m., KYTC District 3 at mile marker 25 will begin closing lanes going north on I-65 at 7 p.m. Mile marker 25 will be reduced to one lane.

If you would like to drive on I-65 tonight, please note that the lanes to the north will be closed from around 6 p.m. from around 25 p.m. Be careful when driving and proceed slowly. @wbkotv pic.twitter.com/arl5goHKYm

– Allison Baker (@ AllisonB_13News) April 6, 2021

“Last night we were working south near the 25 mile mark. Tonight we expect to work north near the 25 mile mark. So after 7 p.m. there will only be one trace left. I think they’ll get it on two lanes around 6pm. It will fall on a track around 7pm and stay that way overnight until 6pm. It could happen earlier, but the lane closures will be closed at 6am, ”said Wes Watt, KYTC District 3.“ Need here too we only people who are aware of it and pay attention to all warnings signs and cones and barrels and everything that is. We just need people to pay attention to these and slow down. “

This project is working to repair a stretch of 65 in all 6 lanes starting at mile marker 25 through mile marker 13 in Simpson County.

“Unfortunately, the construction process will lead to delays and overloads. We just want people to be informed in advance that in this area they are really paying attention, slowing down, being aware that the traffic in this area can be slowed down or even stopped. It can travel several miles, even in front of the work zone. We just want people to be safe, ”added Watt. “This will be a long project that won’t be completed until winter, and it will mostly be at night when I-65 will be on a track overnight. It won’t be like this every night. But it just depends on what stage of construction they are in that week. You do a lot of prep work. “

Northbound I-65 will be reduced to two lanes at 6 p.m. and reduced to one lane at 7 p.m. in Warren County between the 22 and 24 mile markers. The work will continue until 6 a.m. Drivers should expect slowed down and stopped traffic. Be careful! https://t.co/f4ZBdI5N8i pic.twitter.com/iHEgnHAUzv

– KYTC District 3 (@ KYTCDistrict3) April 6, 2021

KYTC District 3 will keep the public informed of when and where to work on I-65. To follow them on Twitter for updates, click here.

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