You will have a deeper understanding of the construction improvements that have been made on Livingston by reading this article. The beginning of the new academic year for students residing in Livingston Parish will begin on the 9th of August when they report to their respective institutions. A good number of these locations have recently been subjected to extensive restorations and additions, or construction work is currently being carried out at them. During this time, one of the projects that the senator was able to successfully secure considerable concessions on behalf of his financial supporters was the contentious Mountain Valley Pipeline. On the other hand, the substantial repair of two public housing developments and the reconstruction of a third will result in the manufacture of 118 contemporary homes that are also very efficient in terms of their use of energy. These homes will be remodeled to meet current building standards. Additionally, the building codes in the state of California were just recently updated in the month of July, making it permissible to construct mass timber buildings that are up to 18 stories tall. What precisely is mass lumber, often known as cross-laminated timber?

Construction improvements are underway in Livingston as the new school year begins

Original Source: Much-needed construction projects underway as new school year begins in Livingston

Other notable projects in the district include upgrades to Denham Springs High School athletic facilities; the construction of a new cafeteria and classrooms at Springfield High School; and new lighting at grounds for baseball and softball in Holden and Maurepas.

When it comes to the new school year, Superintendent Joe Murphy says several of his schools are getting some long-awaited upgrades because of available cash or savings.

There were 8.64 mills voted on in the Denham Springs School District last year that allowed the school system to make $15 million in repairs and enhancements to the Denham Springs High School Athletic Program. The athletic program and its facilities haven’t seen a major upgrade in well over six decades.

The upgrades include a new turf surface for soccer and football competitions; a new track surrounding the football field, and a new parking lot and access design for greater security. Field events will be held in a separate area adjacent to the stadium.

Murphy stated that the football field complex work will be done by the start of the season. For one game this autumn, the Denham Springs High School football team will practice on the Walker High School field. In the meantime, other contests have been moved to later dates.

It is Murphy’s aim that the stadium modifications will be completed in time for this year’s team to finish their season on home soil, and the tentative completion date is Oct. 14, he said.

According to Murphy, this season’s opening of the high school’s baseball and softball fields is guaranteed. Denham Springs’ Parks and Recreation District operated North Park, where these programs used to take place until current facilities were built.

“These new facilities on campus will make it safer for our students and make the relevant programs more accessible to more students,” he stated. School Board President Cecil Harris stated that to ensure that these new facilities are also available to our middle and elementary schools, as well as some community sports organizations.

It’s a year-long construction project on Springfield High School’s campus, culminating in a two-story facility that will include a larger cafeteria, a business store front, four classrooms and bathrooms on both floors.

“The current cafeteria only holds 140 pupils,” Murphy claimed. It’s not uncommon for students to eat lunch outside. Due to the cafeteria’s capacity limitations, kids must eat lunch in classrooms when it is raining or otherwise unpleasant outside conditions. There will be an opening for the 2023-2024 academic year when the facility is completed, according to him.

Allowing for two lunch shifts, the school’s new facility will seat 250 pupils at a time. “At this point, the school has about 400 students,” he stated.

A storefront on the first floor of Springfield High School is being planned by the school’s personnel, according to former Principal Spencer Harris. The items will be available to the public. According to him, the school’s entrepreneurship class will run the business, which will include purchasing and inventory management, as well as marketing and advertising duties.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for these youngsters to gain real business experience, and it will be a great service to the community,” Harris added.

Holden and Maurepas students will be able to see their favorite teams play under the lights this year. New lighting fixtures for softball and baseball fields at Holden School and Maurepas School recently earned $1 million in state funds. Because they were the only ones without them, these two high schools were practically deserted when the renovation was completed.

“This financing permits those institutions to host nighttime games,” Murphy stated. “That’s a major deal for those schools and their towns, because now they can do more for their programs, such as hosting tournaments and critical games.”

Pipeline giants benefit from Manchin’s climate deal

Original Source: Manchin’s Donors Include Pipeline Giants That Win in His Climate Deal

The 304-mile Mountain Valley Pipeline was delayed, over budget, and troubled by litigation due to environmentalist opposition. NextEra Energy said “completion is improbable” in February.

Manchin’s climate agenda followed.

Mr. Manchin backed the Biden administration’s historic climate legislation because he was promised something in return: backing for the pipeline in his home state and quicker approval for pipelines and other infrastructure nationwide, as part of a wider set of fossil fuel concessions.

Pipeline supporters won.

According to FEC and CRP data, natural gas pipeline businesses have raised more than $331,000 for Manchin. Mr. Manchin raised more from pipeline companies than any other lawmaker.

NextEra Energy is a major donor to Manchin and Schumer, who brokered the pipeline deal. Schumer has $281,000. Manchin received $10,000 from Equitrans. Pipeline owners campaigned hard.

The reports show how fossil fuel money affected a climate measure. The final Senate reconciliation package would invest $370 billion in wind turbines, solar panels, and electric vehicles. It would cut U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2020.

Manchin spokesman: Mountain Valley Pipeline would lower energy costs, boost energy security, and generate jobs in West Virginia. Schumer aide: Manchin pushed for a pipeline agreement.

Equitrans’ Natalie Cox called the company “honest.” She wouldn’t say if Equitrans advocated for either senator. NextEra Energy, which creates renewable projects, didn’t comment.

Despite the pipeline compromises, environmentalists and communists praised the pact. Senator Ron Wyden dubbed it a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

The purchase has raised economic and social issues in Appalachia, where extractive industries have harmed the environment and people.

Democratic, environmental, and human rights state lawmakers oppose the project. It would bring 2 bcf/d of Marcellus shale gas to Virginia. Environmental groups successfully challenged project licenses. Wildlife, sedimentation, and erosion calculations were unsatisfactory.

Senate Democrats’ $369 billion climate, tax, and health care plan might harm the economy and environment.


automobiles. Each manufacturer’s tax credit is $7,500. The new measure removes the cap, extends the tax credit to 2032, and gives a $4,000 credit for second hand cars.

Energie. The scheme would give rebates to Americans who buy energy-efficient appliances and tax credits to companies that build emission-free electricity, such as wind turbines and solar panels. US clean energy manufacturing gets $60 billion. Companies must pay a per-metric-ton methane penalty by 2024.

slums The law invests $60 billion in low-income, climate-affected areas. This includes money for zero-emissions cars and technologies, roadway improvements, and bus depot improvements.

The program would sell more public lands and oceans for oil drilling and raise carbon-captured coal and gas subsidies. Joe Manchin III approved these provisions.

  1. The bill would help Mr. Manchin’s state, the nation’s second-largest coal producer, by creating a trust fund for miners with black lung disease and giving corporations incentives to put wind and solar farms in abandoned coal mines or plants.

Russell Chisholm says the pipeline deal makes Appalachia a “sacrifice zone.”

Jammie Hale showed him turbid tap water Friday. Mr. Hale thought pipeline construction along Virginia-West Virginia transported sediment. Both fought police at rallies. Mr. Hale hoisted an upside-down flag for the pipelayers.

Mr. Chisholm said this bill might help the working poor. “Backstage, they’re negotiating. No pipeline negotiations. “

“Our red state earned it,” he said.

Appalachia shows Dems’ fossil fuel deals. The climate law requires auctioning off public lands and oceans for oil drilling to promote wind and solar energy. It enhances carbon capture tax rebates to help power plants reduce emissions.

Mr. Manchin also obtained a package to make energy infrastructure projects simpler to approve under the National Environmental Policy Act and the Clean Water Act.

These clauses could incentivize new pipelines, gas-burning power plants, and fossil fuel infrastructure, affecting low-income neighborhoods with fewer resources to negotiate with developers.

House cleaner Crystal Mello can’t attend hearings and meetings. She listened to local hearings on earbuds while washing floors and supported tree “sit-ins”. leader, housekeeper.

They need trees, she said. Why?

Pipeline concessions reflect an industry reversal. Years of oversupply and a coronavirus outbreak lowered costs. The Ukraine incursion and the U.S. economy lifted prices.

Pipelines and export terminals are important as Europe weans off Russian gas. Gas and oil are transported by pipeline in the U.S.

The governor of West Virginia, Jim Justice, urged the Biden administration to use all energy sources. He urged energy independence in February. We’d be happy and stronger then. Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin backs the initiative.

West Virginia has supporters. It would create a federal trust fund for black lung miners and encourage wind and solar farms in closed mines and firms.

Pipeline opponents “delay the inevitable,” says a retired firefighter. Happens.

Manchin’s pipeline deal. The senator said the agreement requires government agencies to build and operate the Mountain Valley Pipeline. The accord would give the DC Circuit Court of Appeals jurisdiction over all future legal challenges rather than the Fourth Circuit in Richmond, Va.

The Fourth Circuit revoked FWS, BLM, and Forest Service permits for erroneous wildlife, sedimentation, and erosion calculations. Pipeline construction crosses streams and marshes.

Appalachian Mountain Advocates’ Joseph M. Lovett termed the change “insane.”

Legislation exists. He said corruption buys a fair trial.

Manchin backs coal. He has more oil and gas money than his colleagues.

Manchin earned more donations as the energy committee chairman. Energy Transfer, Plains, and Williams Companies provided.

Longtime pipeline opponent David Seriff toured the route on Saturday. Since development ceased, the large pipe has been revealed. He hated it.

Seriff commended Congress’ eco-policies. Democrats and environmentalists support it, he said.

Governor Hochul announces start of $75M Ithaca public housing rehab

Original Source: Governor Hochul Announces Start of Construction on $75 Million Rehabilitation of Public Housing in Ithaca

Governor Kathy Hochul announced a $75 million plan to rehabilitate 36 Ithaca Housing Authority facilities and develop 82 new affordable homes. All-electric Ithaca Housing Authority Redevelopment won Clean Energy Initiative financing.

“My administration is committed to maintaining and building affordable, high-quality houses,” said Governor Hochul. “Ithaca will benefit from today’s $75 million donation.” To assure a stable and egalitarian future, we’ll continue modernizing Southern Tier public housing.

The Ithaca Housing Authority Redevelopment complements Governor Hochul’s housing aims. In the 2022-23 State Budget, the Governor announced and secured a new $25 billion, five-year housing plan to create or preserve 100,000 affordable houses across New York, including 10,000 with support services for vulnerable populations, plus electrify an additional 50,000 homes.

This project will restore Overlook Terrace and Southview Garden. Overlook Terrace has five towers. Four residential buildings, a community building, and a laundry/mechanical building make up Southview Gardens.

Doors, floors, baths, kitchens, and appliances are apartment upgrades. Mechanical and electrical upgrades, all-electric water heaters and furnaces, improved laundry facilities, and entry door, vinyl and aluminum siding, soffits and trim, window, and roof replacements are planned. To improve air quality, asbestos will be rectified and/or encapsulated. Replace concrete walks, fencing, and landscaping.

Northside Flats will be destroyed to make way for a new affordable development with 17 residential structures and 82 apartments – 12 more than the original thanks to the reconfiguration of one-bedroom apartments. The new building will have a kitchen, offices, and a laundry area.

All three properties will be energy-efficient and all-electric to reduce building emissions. Heat-reflective roofs, tapered insulation, ENERGY STAR appliances, electricity-efficient lighting, and low-flow plumbing fixtures save energy.

One-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom, four-bedroom, and five-bedroom flats. All apartments are for families earning less than 80% of AMI.

Tenants of Southview Gardens and Overlook Terrace can return.

All 118 residences will have new Section 8 contracts.

3d Development Group and Cayuga Housing Development Corporation are the developers.

Ithaca Housing Authority Redevelopment funding includes $10.6 million in tax-exempt bonds, $29.7 million in Federal Low Income Housing Tax Credits, and $18.8 million from New York State Homes and Community Renewal. $1.4 million through the Clean Energy Initiative. Tompkins The County Community Housing Fund gave $300,000, while Ithaca Urban Renewal contributed $91,000.

The Clean Energy Initiative developed 1,500 energy-efficient, all-electric or electric-ready, climate-friendly affordable dwellings around the state.

RuthAnne Visnauskas, commissioner: “This $75 million investment underscores our commitment to affordable housing. The renovation will produce modern, energy-efficient apartments for 118 households, ensuring their affordability and longevity. Ithaca and state residents benefit from Governor Hochul’s ambitious housing initiative.

NYSERDA CEO Doreen Harris said, “The Ithaca Housing Authority reconstruction illustrates clean, affordable housing is achievable for all New Yorkers.” “Through the Clean Energy Initiative, we’re investing in multifamily buildings that reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and encourage healthier, more comfortable living.”

Schumer “Ithaca, New York’s housing crisis is due to historic underinvestment. I’m glad the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit, which I fought to keep and increase, funded these affordable homes. “Housing is a human right, and I’ll fight for every federal dollar Ithaca needs to build a brighter, fairer future.”

O’Mara said, “Ithaca’s neighborhoods and residents benefit from state investments in safe and affordable housing.” “This commitment is short- and long-term.”

AnnaKelles: “Rising rents, property prices, and supply shortages have worsened housing and affordability difficulties.” Low-income families need safe, economical housing. This project rehabs 36 flats and replaces 70 outmoded, hazardous units with 82 new, safe, sustainable ones. This 118-unit project adds 12 one- and two-bedroom apartments to Ithaca. All units will be rented at 80% AMI (AMI). Hooray for more affordable housing! This housing project’s all-electric flats use air source heat pumps for heating and cooling, in accordance with Ithaca and Tompkins County’s climate goals. “

Acting Ithaca mayor: “Ithaca is happy to have so many low-income housing redevelopment partners. Overlook Terrace, Southview Garden, and Northside Apartments will be renovated to be eco-friendly. Ithacans gain from this investment.

Tompkins County Legislator Chair Shawna Black said, “This measure improves Tompkins County’s affordable housing.” We’re proud of Ithaca Housing Authority’s energy-efficient initiatives that comply with NY’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act. NYS, Ithaca Housing Authority, and Tompkins County Community Housing Fund contributed. When construction ends and people return home, I’ll be happy.

3d Development Group’s Bruce Levine said, “We focused on current and future tenants, the neighborhood, and lowering fossil fuel emissions internationally.” This effort has state, federal, and local support. Everyone believed in the goals and initiative for Ithaca’s Northside. “

Ithaca Housing Authority’s Brenda Westfall said, “Our purpose is to provide affordable, energy-efficient housing for current and future renters.” As a lifelong Ithacan, I’m glad so many organizations backed our proposal. This initiative will repair and preserve affordable dwellings while complementing the landscape. “

Southern Tier Soares

“Southern Tier Soaring” is the region’s economic development plan. Talent attraction, company growth, and innovation are emphasized. Southern Tier Soaring is getting $500 million from the Upstate Revitalization Initiative. The state’s $500 million commitment will inspire $2.5 billion in private investment and 10,200 additional jobs.

California approves mass-timber high-rises

Original Source: High-rise mass timber structures cleared for California

Jennifer Cover runs Woodworks, a nonprofit that helps architects, engineers, and developers construct sustainably.

“Mass timber products are enormous wood structural panels made of glued or nailed-together lumber or veneer,” she explains. These enormous structural elements can be placed in position as floor or wall panels.

Mass timber is a strong, fire-resistant alternative to steel and concrete.

“This application has been extensively tested,” explains Cover. “The U.S. has strict building codes.” Europe has used mass lumber for years, while the U.S. is just getting started. “

The US has several high-rise mass-timber projects. The Ascent building in Milwaukee is the world’s tallest.

In Sacramento, Lot X comprises a five-story mass-timber office structure.

“Going with bulk timber helps sequester that carbon,” explains Cover.

Also, forest management advantages Mike Richwine, CalFire Fire Marshal, said: “CLT increases options to use forest management timber on private, state, and federal lands. This boosts the demand for wood items in California. This would improve forest management in CA. “

It also helps city planners and developers.

Scott Ford, Downtown Sacramento Partnership’s Economic Development Director, says it changes which construction projects are viable.

Summary of today’s construction news

You may have gained a lot of knowledge from this article. There are some long-awaited upgrades that will be implemented in some of Joe Murphy’s school districts in time for the new school year, according to the most recent report from the Superintendent of Schools, Joe Murphy. On October 14, Murphy announced that he hopes to have completed the stadium upgrades in time for this year’s team to finish their season at home. 

Environmentalists and Communists, on the other hand, hailed the agreement, even though it included concessions on pipelines. Senator Ron Wyden called it a “once in a lifetime opportunity.” 

The Ithaca Housing Authority’s redevelopment activities also help Gov. Hochul’s goal of increasing the supply of affordable housing in the Finger Lakes. A five-year, $25 billion housing plan was proposed and secured by Governor Andrew Cuomo. It aims to build or preserve 100,000 affordable houses across New York State, including 10,000 with support services for vulnerable populations, as well as electrify another 50,000 homes. 

The strength and fire resistance of mass wood make it a viable alternative to steel and concrete. The term “mass timber products” refers to large wood structural panels that are made of glued and nailed-together timbers and veneer. These large structural components can be installed on the floor or the wall in a variety of ways.